'What do our STUDENTS feel about us'

Nancy Barr

Festus, MO, USA

"Meditation and Yoga has had a profound effect on my life.   Since starting to practice, my physical and emotional well being are significantly better than they have been for years.  Meditation and Yoga have transformed my way of thinking and my approach to life.  I have not only experienced a positive change in my health and life attitudes my self, but have witnessed this in other participants as well."

Jennifer Bauman

Festus, MO, USA

"I am ever thankful for the peace this organization has brought into my life. I feel blessed to have found them. Their teachings have helped me tremendously. The people here are wonderfully loving and accepting. The non-judgmental atmosphere, and everyone's warm nature gives me a safe place from the worries of daily life."

Don Goldman

St. Louis, MO, USA

"It (yoga) was incredible. The teacher was substituting and she was incredible. I wasn't expecting that many people. Might need a bigger room."

Capri Conway

Crystal City, MO, USA

"The people in this group are great! I love to be around them. And the classes help me relax and focus as well as get some understanding."


Chestterfield, MO, USA

"Debbie did a great job explaining the process of our class. This was my first time and will continue to attend Debbie's sessions"

Alice Kramer

Festus, MO, USA

"Really helpful; the events are really directed towards helping one quiet the mind and attain a blissful state"

Anu Deshpande

"Because of Nithya Yoga I lost the last 5-6 kgs of post pregnancy weight and that made a huge difference in my energy levels and self-confidence."

Sri Mitra

I have been doing yoga for some time, but the core difference between Nithya Yoga and other forms of yoga is that this time I felt life in my movements. It became like a dance to the tune of the being.”

Betty Stuker


Yoga is way of life for me. It has improved my physical, mental and spiritual being. It has given me a feeling of self-worth, confidence in my abilities & physical strength. I have practiced in many, many years; yoga is for all age, male & female.

Connie Eply

Festus, MO

This yoga class has been very beneficial to me to help with harmony and balance in my life. I think it would be great to have this class more than once a week to help build more muscle and balance in our lives. Thank You.

Clarie Horn

Festus, MO

Swami’s classes are excellent. She brings compassion, knowledge, great sense of balance, competency with fun & enjoys the way she teaches & intends to continue with classes.

Lynne Olivigine

Festus, MO

I have a lot of stress in my life and also degenerative disc disease and herniated disks in my back. Yoga and meditation has strengthened my body. So that & don’t have to have an operation and has helped to relieve stress and thus my depression. This class means a lot to me. Thank You for your time and dedication.

Michele Wright

Pevely, MO

The meditation and yoga classes have been great to attend. Ma Prabha swami is a great resource. Without her and Alice I wouldn’t be doing meditation and yoga. I feel the benefits on both classes the classes have grown in size since I first attend. I am so happy to be able to attend and so glad they have been able to offer these classes free of charge.

Karen Meyer


"The instructors are skilled and friendly. It's good that there are different meditational focuses at the classes"

Meena Kalluri, Physician

"I enjoyed the sessions immensely. I had never done yoga consistently before but I did find myself getting into it with ease and enjoying it. There were occasions when my kundalini awoke just getting into yoga even before the processes would start!"

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