About Paramahamsa Nithyananda


Nithayananda Yoga University is guided by Paramahamsa Nithyananda.  Paramahamsa Nithyananda is the most watched spiritual teacher onYoutube with over 18 million views. He has also authored more than 500 books published in over 27 languages. His live discourses can be watched at www.Nithyananda.TV, as well as on multiple international television channels.




Nithyananda is one of the few spiritual gurus to take meditation to the masses  on a grand scale.  Tech-savvy he makes his teachings available on-line.  At his free satsangs (spiritual gatherings) attended by up to 100,000 people, he teaches simple meditation techniques which address common issues like stress and relationships.  His ability to connect with people, knowledge of their problems and sensible solutions create a desire in people to improve their lives through his teachings and meditation techniques.   Through his website, Nithyananda.org, on line and video-conferencing   meditation programs are  offered periodically.  Free meditation programs are offered in schools and colleges, and are also  conducted in prisons,  and corporate and public-sector undertakings. With simple and effective techniques , Nithyananda is successfully offering meditation as a lifestyle for the man on the street.


Among the charitable activities of his organization are free spiritual counseling  offered on an informal basis to those who live on the fringes of society – dropouts, drug offenders, juvenile delinquents.  Nithyananda Yoga University had worked with Jefferson County Courts in the past offering programs. Meditation  is now also being offered as a real alternative to substance abuse and suicide.  It can bring about real  transformation in those segments of society that have been given up by the mainstream as beyond redemption.


Nithyananda Mission is a worldwide movement to promote global peace through transformation of the individual. Nithyananda Mission’s worldwide ashrams and centers serve as spiritual laboratories where inner growth is profound and outer growth is a natural consequence. These academies offer a place and space to explore and explode through a host of activities, from meditation to science. They nurture quantum spirituality, where material and spiritual worlds merge and create blissful living. They offer guaranteed life solutions that have seen quick and effective transformation of lives. Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam Services.

Nithyananda’s Simple keys for blissful living


Be unclutched!


Liberate yourself from the problems of your mind


Do you know that the mind is not a solid thing, as you imagine? What you call ‘mind’ is no more than a constant flow of thoughts, where each thought is being swiftly replaced by the next. You hardly have any control over what thought is going to enter your mind next - because thoughts themselves flow in an illogical, chaotic manner.


But we give too much importance to this chaotic mind! For instance, we start connecting a few thoughts that run through our mind, and start giving profound meanings to them. If you believe that your whole life has been suffering, you unconsciously collect and connect only the painful incidents of your life, which strengthen your belief that life is suffering. This is called creating a ‘pain shaft’ – making an imaginary connection between disconnected painful incidents, which gives the impression that life itself is painful. Sometimes, very rarely, you believe life is joy! Then you connect all the joyful incidents and start believing life is joy. But whether you create a pain shaft or a joy shaft, please understand that both are not true, because the shaft itself does not exist outside of your imagination!


When we learn to disconnect or ‘unclutch’ from our thoughts, we become free of the play of the mind. We start living in the moment, without preconceived ideas. When you live above the play of the mind, you are living enlightenment.


You are a miracle of Existence!


Handling life situations with ease


Conflict-free living is living completely at ease with your body, your mind, and the circumstances that you experience in the outer world. We continuously experience some conflict or the other every moment - in our relationships, our goals, in our desires, in life situations. We invariably attribute our conflict to someone or something in the outer world. We blame the outer world for it. People ask me, ‘Swamiji, how can I be conflict-free in a world that is filled with conflict? Only when the whole world is silent, happy and peaceful, can I become conflict-free.’ Every leader who declared war claimed that he was going to bring peace to the world!


A conflict-free world starts with a conflict-free individual. To start living a conflict-free life, all you need to do is bring in the energy to change the things that need to change in your life, and the intelligence to accept what need not change. Above all, understand that whether you change anything or not, life itself is a continuously changing phenomenon.


Once you realize this, you will naturally hold onto the one thing that never changes: the eternally unchanging Truth. Then you will automatically be conflict-free. When you start living a conflict-free life, you start living enlightenment. When there is no conflict inside, you experience no conflict in the world!   Paramahamsa Nithyananda


The Nithyananda Yoga University is carrying on the mission of Nithyananda offering both meditation and Nithya Yoga classes with live teachers in St Louis and Jefferson County.  Currently classes are being offered at the Festus Public Library, Festus-Crystal City Elks, 428 Vreeland Road in Hillsboro, Jane’s House of Well Beeing, St. Charles, Thornhill Library and the  St Louis County Library headquarters and out of teacher’s homes in Festus  and House Springs, Huntleigh and Chesterfield. Members of Nithyananda Yoga University also host on line programs in their homes.  Schedules will be posted on this website and meetup.