Complete Health and Wellness


“Good health is not just the absence of disease, it is the presence of ease, a sense of well-being”.


Disease starts in the mind. Often, our physical and mental disorders are side effects of deeper underlying issues, such as past traumas, lack of self-love, or unhealthy lifestyle choices. Over time, we reinforce self-destructive behaviors and thought patterns which eventually manifest as disease or depression. The multiple dimensions of the Inner Awakening reprogram the neural pathways in the brain, repaving a path towards physical, mental, and emotional health.

Emotional Balance


“Understand that you are not the movie being played. You are just the screen on which the movie is projected. The screen is never touched by the play of emotions that appears on it”

Raising your EQ (emotional quotient) is one of the primary components of Inner Awakening. The knowledge gained within these 21 days will free you from the vicious cycle of emotional highs and lows, and center you in the virtuous cycle of awareness and inner harmony.

Continuous Rejuvenation


“The body is not just a bio-mechanism, it is pure intelligence meant to experience high levels of super-conscious energy.”

When our inner space is filled with confusion, worry, stress, or anxiety, vital life energy is drained from your system. Every aspect of Inner Awakening is designed to return you to the realm of consciousness, or deep peace. When you become established in that space, you will be continuously rejuvenated with energy.